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December 2019

3 Things to Know if You Are Thinking About Investing in Cannabis

Cannabis is exploding. Not literally (at least not with my clients). But the cannabis industry… wow. It’s officially one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In just North America, spending on cannabis is expected to grow from $9B in 2017 to $42B in 2027. Worldwide, it’ll hit nearly $60B.  So, it’s hot. And you know what happens when markets get hot… investors want in. I work exclusively with Read More

4 Cannabis Start-up Challenges

Cannabis is one of the hottest, and fastest growing industries in the world. It’s estimated to hit $150B by 2025. 32 states have legalized cannabis in some capacity, with 10 states legalizing it for recreational use. That means the US has a hyper-scale ecosystem of growers, processors, distributors, retailers, infrastructure, and supply chain dedicated purely to cannabis. It’s an exciting time to have a business in this field, which is Read More

Are you Playing Russian Roulette or Firing on All Cylinders?

Silver Leaf recently asked friend and strategic partner, Andrejs Bunkse to share his experience with cannabis businesses that lack the proper cannabis inventory software, accounting or business management software. Having worked as a consultant for state regulators that control who gets (and keeps) commercial medical marijuana or cannabis licenses, as well as for licensed enterprises in numerous states and Canada, I know first-hand how critical it is to rigorously maintain state-of-the-art cannabis inventory software accounting Read More