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November 2016

Beacon Information Designs LLC Completes First Ever Medical Marijuana Program Audit

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) contracted with Beacon Information Design LLC and Elliott D. Pollack & Company to provide a system-wide audit looking for potential compliance gaps and best practices that could enhance oversight and management of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program (AMMP). After meeting with dozens of program leaders from across the country, several areas of potential improvement were identified. These areas including testing for contaminants and Read More

Scottsdale Firm Looking to Fly High with National Wave of Marijuana Measures

Phoenix Business Journal April 7, 2016 Andy Bunkse and Chris Ellis are hoping to ride the marijuana legalization wave and take their Scottsdale business to a national platform. Ellis and Bunkse are co-founders and principals with Scottsdale-based Beacon Information Designs LLC. The company provides consulting and compliance services to government agencies, businesses and others delving into the world of medical marijuana and legalized cannabis. Read More